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Sony XC555 Lipstick Camera

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Sony's XC-555 ultra-compact, one-piece color CCD camera can be easily installed in the smallest of spaces. Powered and controlled by a single multi-function cable, this tiny DSP camera functions without the aid of a bulky camera control unit (CCU). Its strength in a wide variety of remote monitoring applications is enhanced by the ability to sync externally with HD/VD, VS and CSYNC and to remotely control camera functions (shutter, gain, gamma, back light, white balance, etc.) via an RS-232C interface.

A user-selectable CCD iris function allows a maximum shutter speed of 1/100,000 per second, with further image flexibility provided by the compact NF lens mount, which can be converted to a standard C mount for a wide array of focal lengths.


  • Built-in renewal CCD features lower smear and 6dB higher sensitivity
  • Miniature parts and a small-sized DC-DC converter make the XC-555 the smallest one-piece color camera in the industrial field
  • RS-232 interface controls camera functions
  • Compact NF lens mount can be converted for use with C-mount lenses
  • 1/2" CCD comes with a complementary mosaic filter
  • Camera settings saveable in non-volatile memory
  • High shock and vibration resistance, multi-usage for various applications

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Rent for $125.00/day
Rent for $125.00 per day


  • 1/2 type IT CCD with complementary mosaic filter
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight: 22 x 22 x 75mm, 60 grams
  • One piece camera - no bulky CCU
  • Compact NF lens and lens mount
  • RS-232 Interface to control camera functions
  • CCD IRISĀ® function with user selectable maximum speed to 1/100,000 of second
  • VBS and Y/C Outputs
  • External synchronization with HD/VD or VS/VBS

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