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Sony UVW-1800P PAL Betacam VTR

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With built-in time code generator/reader, time base corrector and high-speed picture search, the UVW-1800P provides frame accurate editing and consistent picture quality. It is an ideal deck for digitizing to a non-linear edit system with component video input or creating a Betacam SP dub from a DVCAM VTR equipped with component video output. The UVW1800P also features 90 minute playback/record, 16 times picture search, RS-422A remote interface, component video input/output along with composite and S-video input/output.


Rent for $100.00/day
Rent for $100.00 per day


  • Full Editing Function
  • High Speed/Picture Search - 5 times normal speed in color and up to 16 times normal speed in monochrome in both forward and reverse
  • Built-in Time Base Corrector
  • Built-in Time Code Generator/Reader
  • RS-422A serial interface (9-pin)
  • Y/R-Y/B-Y Component Video Signal Input/Output
  • Composite Video Signal Input/Output
  • S-video Signal Input/Output
  • Self Diagnostics
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Manufacturer Part #UVW-1800P
Rental Includes

UVW-1800P deck, power cable, manual & case.

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