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Sony DSR-570WS DVCam Camcorder Body Only

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The Sony DSR-570WS camcorder packs a variety of useful functions. This Sony DSR Camcorder performs digital to analogue encoding in a wider signal bandwidth. This Sony camcorder is equipped with three 2/3-inch Power HAD WS CCD’s with 16:9 aspect ratio to provide high quality images. Sony DSR-570WS contains 5 factory preset files as well as 3 user files allowing the operator to customise the camera parameters as required. Also, with Hyper Gain (42 dB) this Sony DSR Camcorder makes for easy shooting in dark environments. This Sony camcorder features Freeze Mix and SetupLog function for easier retakes. The Sony DSR-570WS includes a lightweight viewfinder with high resolution, which lets you focus manually to optimize picture clarity.


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Power HAD WS™ CCD.
The DSR-570WSP is equipped with three 2/3-inch Power HAD WS IT CCDs with a high density of 570,000 pixels. Since the CCDs are originally designed for the 16:9 aspect ratio, high quality images can be obtained in the 16:9 mode with virtually no image loss. With a high sensitivity of F11 (at 2000 lux, 3200 K), a remarkable signal-to-noise ratio of 61 dB and a low vertical smear level of -120 dB are achieved.

Advanced Encoding Circuit
The DSR-570WSP performs digital-to-analogue encoding in a wider signal bandwidth than the DSR-500WSP. This contributes to the high horizontal resolution of 850 TV lines (4:3 mode) and 800 TV lines (16:9 mode).

Hyper Gain (42 dB)
Hyper Gain is a useful function that allows shooting in the dark by boosting the electric gain to 36 dB. Using the viewfinder menu system, the gain level of Hyper Gain can be set to a maximum of 42 dB (DSR-570WSP only). This allows shooting in as low as 0.25 lx. Simply flipping the HYPER GAIN switch turns on this function.

Camera Setup Files
When the SETUP switch is set to FILE position, a total of eight Camera Setup Files can be viewed via the VF (View-finder) Menu system. Five files are factory preset to match the most common lighting conditions, including STANDARD, HIGH SATURATION, and FLUORESCENT. An additional three User Files allow the operator to customize the camera parameters to particular shooting situations. With the SetupNavi™ function, the User Files and Factory Preset Files can also be stored to the VAUX portion of a DVCAM tape.

Digital Output with i.LINK Interface
The DSR-570WSP adopts a 6-pin i.LINK interface for digital signal output. This enables a back-up recording onto DV and DVCAM VTRs with just one i.LINK cable. The i.LINK cable carries digital video/audio signals and control signals simultaneously. For instance, when the DSR-570WSP is connected to the Sony DVCAM Studio VTR, simple cut editing can be performed without signal deterioration.

Black Stretch and Compress
Contrast in the black area of an image can be easily adjusted using the Black Stretch/Compress control function. Black Stretch emphasises contrast in dark areas, while Black Compress enhances or deepens darkness.

Freeze Mix Function
The Freeze Mix function superimposes a previously recorded image on the view-finder, allowing the operator to easily frame or re-position a subject when a shot must be taken in the same framework as a previous take. Combined with the SetupLog™ function, a retake is a breeze.

Useful Features for Recording Operation
The DSR-570WSP has a variety of features to make recording easy : - 26-pin VTR interface to feed live camera output signals to an external recorder - 26-pin for studio operation control - Pool Feed operation - Optional DSBK-501 Analogue Composite Input Board allows the camcorder to serve as a VTR - Edit Search function for easy access to the edit point - SetupLog - Automatic recording of camera setting data for each shot onto the DVCAM tape.

CCU Control Capability
300m with CCZ-A cable (26-pin) (150m for Return Video and Genlock) - Two composite outputs– one Y/C and one component output (selectable from Y/R-Y/B-Y and R/G/B) - Control functions:
IRIS (auto/manual), White Balance (auto/manual/preset), Black Balance (auto/manual/preset), Gain Select (low/mid/high), R/B Gain, R/B Pedestal, Master Pedestal, Sub-carrier Phase, Horizontal Phase, Output Mode (color bar/camera), Knee Point (auto/manual/preset), Detail Level, Tally/Intercom, Shutter Speed Selection, Clear Scan - Video light power supplied from the CCU-M5A for applications such as on-air interviews.

Video Light Connector
Optional light equipment can be directly attached to the DSR-570WSP and powered from the video light connector. With the LIGHT switch located on the front-right side of the camcorder, it can be turned on manually or synchronized with the REC start function of the DSR-570WSP.

1.5-inch black-and-white viewfinder (DXF-801CE)
The DSR-570P comes with the same 1.5-inch black-and-white CRT viewfinder (DXR-801CE) that was originally designed for the DSR-500WSP. This lightweight viewfinder, with its high resolution, lets you focus manually to optimize picture clarity, and includes innovative features such as a dedicated light to illuminate the Iris ring area of the lens for operation in dark situation (high / low / off).

Product Info
Rental IncludesDSR-570WS Body & Viewfinder, Manual, Sony Camera Plate, Body Cap, 2 - IDX E80 Lithium Ion Batteries, IDX Battery Charger, IDX 60w Power Supply, 4 Pin XLR Power Cable, On Camera Mic Molded Case & Choice of SD Lens
Camera Info
Lens MountB4
Battery TypeV-Mount
Media TypeTape

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