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SHAPE REVOLT VCT Universal Base Plate/Rig



An update to the popular SHAPE BP8000 sytem, the REVOLT is perfect combination of SHAPE's BP10 Universal VCT Base Plate along with their patented Push-Button technology telescoping handles that results in the ultimate shoulder-mount, hand held support system.

The REVOLT VCT Universal Base Plate with Telescopic Handles from SHAPE is a camera support system for shoulder-mounted and handheld shooting. It includes the REVOLT VCT universal base plate and dual telescopic handgrips with ARRI rosettes. The base plate comes integrated with a shoulder mount, one pair of 8" standard 15mm rods, and one pair of 4" standard 15mm rods.

The camera can be attached via included 1/4"-20 or 3/8"-16 screws to the top plate. The sliding base plate provides a quick positioning of your camera and accessories, for an optimal adjustment of your camera's balance center. The left and right extendable & orient-able hand grips attach to the sides of the base plate via standard ARRI rosettes.

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  • The sliding base plate allows quick positioning of the camera and accessories for an optimal balance adjustment
  • Height-adjustable rod clamp to align the 15mm rods at the proper LWS height for different cameras
  • Front and rear rod clamps allow you to extend your rig forwards and backwards
  • Built-in storage for extra camera mount screws
  • Built-in storage for included Allen wrench for adjustments
  • Safety release and spring-loaded catch prevents the top plate from sliding unintentionally
  • Soft and ergonomic shoulder pad
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Manufacturer Part #BP12
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SHAPE BP10 REVOLT Universal VCT base plate, 2 - SHAPE telescopic handles with Arri Rosettes, 2 - 8" 15mm aluminum rods, 2 - 4" 15mm aluminum rods & Panasonic SHAN-TM700 VCT tripod plate.

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