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Sachtler 100mm Carbon Fibre Speed Lock



It takes just three quick movements and the Speed Lock CF is ready for action. The patented clamping system lets you adjust the tripod smoothly and safely, even with a camera mounted.

The Speed Lock CF's carbon fiber construction ensures minimal load-free weight, and increases stability and twist resistance. On top of that, the clamping connection forms a third tube to further increase stability. The ergonomically shaped, high-tech clamps have a rounded design, which ensures that cables slide off without catching. In addition, you can tell at a glance whether the legs are clamped into position.

The Speed Lock CF weighs less than 6.6 lb and have an 88 lb capacity. They're compatible with all existing 100mm accessories.

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  • Carbon Fiber construction
  • 100mm bowl base
  • Double extension design
  • Maximum height of 60.9 inches
  • Quick clamping system, locks tripod legs in seconds
  • Supports up to 88 lb

Product Info
Rental Includes

Speed Lock tripod, mid-level spreader, set of rubber feet & tripod bag.

  • Min. Height - 17.7 inches
  • Max. Height - 60.9 inches
  • Storage Height - 27.5 inches
  • Load Capacity - 88 lbs
  • Weight - 6.9 lbs

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