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Rycote Zeppelin - ME66

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Rycote windshield / suspension systems are the original, iconic systems used by audio professionals around the world since 1969. Rycote has applied numerous industry-leading engineering developments, evolving this system to maintain its status as the gold standard over the past decades.

  • Perfectly balanced shock mounts designed for your specific microphone.
  • Lyre® technology microphone suspensions reduce the bulk of shock and handling noise.
  • Versatile system - Attach shock-mounts to boom poles hand & portable recorders and use the Lyre system to hold virtually any microphone.
  • Robust - A rough-service shock mount, robust enough for the most challenging news-gathering situations.

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Rent for $20.00/day
Rent for $20.00 per day


  • Basket-Style 16.5" Windshield
  • Patented Lyre Technology Noise Reduction
  • Shockmount with Rubberized 72-Shore, Non-Slip Lyres
  • RF-Shielded Female XLR Cable
  • Boompole Adapter with Female 3/8" UNC
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Rental Includes

Shockmount/windshield system for the Sennheiser ME66 shotgun mic.

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