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Rycote Windjammer - ME66

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Originally developed by Rycote, the Windjammer is a high-quality, synthetic fur-cover that provides the highest possible protection against extreme wind-noise. When using a Windjammer fitted over a Windshield (zeppelin), up to 50 dB of wind-noise attenuation can be achieved, producing excellent standard audio recordings. Made from materials specially designed for wind-noise isolation, the Windjammer has virtually no adverse effect on high frequencies.

Each Windjammer fits one specific size of Rycote Windshield (zeppelin) & this one is for the Sennheiser ME66 system.

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Rent for $7.00/day
Rent for $7.00 per day
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Manufacturer Part #021505
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Windjammer synthetic fur cover for the Rycote shockmount/windshield system for the Sennheiser ME66 shotgun mic.

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