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Rosco LitePad HO+ Daylight LED Kit



LitePad HO+ is a slim profile, edge-lit 12v daylight LED light source. At only 1/3" thick, LitePad HO+ is able to fit in places where conventional light sources will not. LitePad HO+ produces a soft quality of light that is easy on the eyes and runs at cool temperatures.

The LitePad HO+ Daylight Kit from Rosco contains a full assortment of LitePad HO+ LED fixtures. This kit is designed to fill the needs of those professionals who still need the extremely thin profile and light weight features. The kit includes nin LitePads as well as a wide selection of different mounting, dimming, and light-control accessories.


Rent for $85.00/day
Rent for $85.00 per day


  • Rugged yet lightweight acrylic housing
  • Interior connector
  • Low heat
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Non direct illumination is easy on the eyes
  • Dimmable
Product Info
Rental Includes2-12"x12", 1-6"x12", 1-6"x6", 2-3"x12", 2-3"x6", 1-3" circle Litepads, 5-3 amp & 4-1 amp transformers, 1-4 way splitter, 4-y splitters, 6-10' right angle extensions, 1-4 pin XLR power adapter, 2-P-tap power adapters, 1-car power adapter, 2-single channel dimmers, & pelican case.
Color Temperature 5300K
Color Accuracy Standard CRI 93
Housing Material Acrylic
Dimming Yes 
Kit Dimensions 22 x 18 x 10.25"
Kit Weight 36 lbs

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