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Rosco LitePad HO+ Daylight LED Kit



LitePad HO+ is a slim profile, edge-lit 12v daylight LED light source. At only 1/3" thick, LitePad HO+ is able to fit in places where conventional light sources will not. LitePad HO+ produces a soft quality of light that is easy on the eyes and runs at cool temperatures.


Rent for $85.00/day
Rent for $85.00 per day
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Rental Includes2-12"x12", 1-6"x12", 1-6"x6", 2-3"x12", 2-3"x6", 1-3" circle Litepads, 5-3 amp & 4-1 amp transformers, 1-4 way splitter, 4-y splitters, 6-10' right angle extensions, 1-4 pin XLR power adapter, 2-P-tap power adapters, 1-car power adapter, 2-single channel dimmers, & pelican case.

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