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Rosco Chiller Module for Fog/Smoke Machine



The Chiller Module, when used with Rosco's Stage & Studio Fog Fluid, allows you to produce low-lying fog effects, which can simulate a dry-ice machine on demand.  The black Chiller Module is crafted in a textured, high-impact polymer plastic. It is equipped with a metal basket for dry ice, and a power cord for the internal fan, which creates slight pressure and maintain flow.

When dry ice is not available, ordinary ice may be used. The Chiller Module will not leak as the ice melts, but water should be emptied off frequently, and should not be allowed to accumulate. Operation is that simple.


Rent for $25.00/day
Rent for $25.00 per day


  • Allows a traditional fog machine to create low lying fog effects
  • Works best with dry ice, but can be used with standard ice
  • Won't leak, but water should be siphoned out druing continual usage
Product Info
Rental Includes

Chiller module with remote, power cable, ice basket, 5 foot inlet duct & 10 foot outlet duct.  Fog machine and dry ice not included.

Dimensions: 32 “x 18”x 14”

Weight: 35 lb approximate

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