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Ronford-Baker Quick Release Plate

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The Ronford-Baker Standard Quick Release Plate provides a fast way to remove your camera from the tripod when converting it to a shoulder-mounted rig, handheld unit, or to swap out cameras between takes. It offers mounting screws for a variety of cameras.  The plate is the standard larger Sachtler 35 (Euro) plate that fits on many other tripod heads, including O'Connor, Sachtler and Cartoni.


Rent for $10.00/day
Rent for $10.00 per day


  • Provides a quick release for camera support that doesn't have it.
  • Plate size: 4.5 x 3.05 inches (Sachlter 35)
  • 3/8 x 16 Camera screws
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #RBQ
Rental Includes

Ronford-Baker Quick Release with camera plate & 2 - 3/8 x 16 camera screws.

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