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Reel EFX DF-50 Haze Machine



The Diffusion Hazer (DF-50) is a patented machine utilizing a triple filtered system that breaks down the Diffusion Fluid (food grade mineral oil blend) to a uniform 1 micron sized droplet. CAL/OSHA has concluded that these airborne mist levels do not exceed OSHA or CAL/OSHA standards.

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Rent for $75.00/day
Rent for $75.00 per day


  • Safest, cleanest & most efficient hazer for the entertainment industry
  • Safe & economical non-glycol haze with no heat
  • Hang time of 3 hrs plus with no warm up period required
  • Haze fluid is odorless & leaves no residue when used properly
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Rental Includes

DF-50 Hazer filled with fluid.

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