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Redrock One Man Crew Camera Slider

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The One Man Crew Motorized Parabolic Slider with Redrock Heavy Load Tilt Head from Redrock Microsystems is a benefit to small crews doing interviews that need to rely on fast setups. Use this slider with your main camera when alone for a high-end production feel or with a second camera to add interest to your b camera footage.

One Man Crew is extremely portable. Weighing in at only 14 pounds with the body dimensions of 46" x 9" x 4". It has a capacity of 20lbs and will mount to any camera or baseplate. The body will mount to any tripod or you can attach it to stands or set it on any level surface.

The motorized controls are simple and intuitive, so you can begin working with One Man Crew right out of the box. It features a clearly marked variable speed dial, direction controls, and automatic functionality. It also features laser guides to accurately set distance to subject. One Man Crew even knows to ease in and out when it changes direction so you don't lose footage to bumps and shakes.


Rent for $75.00/day
Rent for $75.00 per day


  • 36" Long Track
  • Smooth Controlled Parabolic Movements
  • Supports up to 22 lb
  • Redrock Heavy Load Tilt Head Included
  • Padded Carrying Case
  • Dimensions - 46" x 9" x 3.25"
  • Weight = 14.5 lbs
Product Info
Rental IncludesOne Man Crew motion system with AC power supply, D-tap power cable, heavy duty tilt head, stand adapters and soft case.

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