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RED Epic-M Dragon DSMC 6K Camera System

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The RED DRAGON™ sensor has vastly improved dynamic range and low-light capabilities. Skin tones are softer, primary colors are more vibrant, and subtle color variations are discernibly remarkable. EPIC DRAGON cameras capture images that are true to life, with colors that can only be described as "brilliant". HIGHER DYNAMIC RANGE - The RED DRAGON offers dynamic range that was once thought impossible for a digital sensor. Such wide latitude provides cinematographers and photographers alike with the ability to take on challenging lighting conditions, without the need for excessive filtration. Improved low-light capabilities let you shoot at ISO 2000 and still produce a clean image fit for theaters or publication. Dilated exposure and improved sensitivity makes it easier to take on the unpredictable and capture the unbelievable.

The Epic-M is about one-third the size of the RED One, and weighs in at only 5lbs. It boasts a 6k DRAGON™ sensor and the most advanced image processor of its type. The camera has a dynamic range of 16.5 stops, with even more available in the HDRx™ mode. In this mode, the camera captures two simultaneous images of identical resolution and frame rate, but at different shutter angles. One protects your highlights; the other protects your shadows. The resulting footage has an incredible dynamic range.

The camera comes with a 5" touchscreen monitor, with an intuitive graphic user interface. Additionally you can control the camera with the REDmote (a controller that can be wirelessly operated or docked on the camera). It records on RED Mini-Mag SSD digital media.



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Camera Features:

  • 19 Megapixel DRAGON™ Sensor
  • 6K RAW (2:1, 2.4:1), 5K RAW (Full Frame, 2:1, 2.4:1, Anamorphic 2:1)
  • 6144 x 3160 pixel Resolution
  • Native 800 ASA sensitivity
  • 16.5 stops of latitude
  • Raw recording to SSD digital media
  • Record 6K, 5K, 4.5K, 4K, 3K, 2K, 1080P or 720P
  • Record 1-100fps in 6K
  • Record 1-120fps 5K, 4.5K
  • Record 1-150fps in 4K
  • Record 1-200fps in 3K
  • Record 1-300fps in 2K
  • Records 2 channel, uncompressed, 24 bit, 48KHz audio
  • S/N Ration: 80db
Product Info
Rental Includes

Epic-M Dragon body with PL mount, Mini-Mag SSD module, Standard, Low Light or Skin Tone OLPF, Berkey Top Plate, Berkey Long Baseplate w/ 15mm LWS, Wooden Side Cheeseplates, RED Touch 5" LCD w/ 2-cables, +1 Adapter Module, REDMote w/ USB to P-Tap charger, 15mm or 19mm bridgeplate, top handle,XLR audio adapter box, Wooden Quick Back with A/B plate, AC power adapter, timecode sync cable, 1-240GB RED Mini-Mag SSD, RED Station RED Mini-Mag reader, manuals & case.

Camera Info
Lens MountPL
Canon EF
Battery TypeGold Mount

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