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RED DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander Module

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The DSMC2™ V-Lock I/O Expander offers a variety of Input/Output connections, as well as an industry standard V-Lock mount to power your DSMC2 camera using RED BRICK® or other v-mount batteries.

Constructed from lightweight and durable magnesium, this expander module mounts directly to the rear of the camera BRAIN® and offers connections for the following:

  • DC Power input (DC IN)
  • HDMI 1.2 output (Type A socket)
  • 3G-SDI output (HD-SDI, 75 Ω BNC)
  • CTRL & SYNC ports (2x 00B LEMO 4-Pin, Timecode and Genlock support)
  • AUX Power output (P-Tap 2-Pin female)
  • USB Power output (Type A, 5 V at 1.5 A for powering HDMI transmitters or small mobile devices)
  • Stereo Headphone output (3.5 mm jack)
  • Stereo Analog input (3.5 mm jack)

The DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander also features a selector switch that enables the BRAIN to automatically boot when power is provided via the DC IN connector on the expander. This feature allows you to use a connected DC input supply to turn the BRAIN on and off when the camera is mounted in remote or difficult to maneuver locations. This expander is an ideal solution for a wide variety of production environments—from low-profile run-and-gun situations to studio shoots that require mobility.

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Rent for $75.00/day
Rent for $75.00 per day


  • DC Power input
  • Auto Boot-Up on Power-On
  • 3G-SDI, HDMI 1.2 Output
  • Control & Sync Ports
  • USB Power Output
  • AUX Power Output
  • Stereo Analog Input
  • Stereo Headphone Output

Product Info
Manufacturer Part #720-0045
DIMENSIONS Height: 4.57 in. (116.0 mm)
Width: 4.94 in. (125.5 mm)
Depth: 2.25 in. (57.2 mm) (connected to BRAIN)
WEIGHT 1.0 lb (454 g)
MATERIAL Magnesium
BRAIN MOUNTING 4x M4 captive mounting screws
BRAIN CONNECTIONS Power delivery via Rear pogo connector (13-Pin)
Communication via Rear I/O connector (4×40 Pin)
3G-SDI output (75 Ω BNC), 60 Hz max frame rate
HDMI 1.2 output (Type A socket), 60 Hz max frame rate
SYNC (Genlock IN / Timecode IN / Sync IN) (4-Pin 00B LEMO socket)
CTRL (Tally OUT / RS-232 Rx and Tx) (4-Pin 00B LEMO socket)
USB Power output (Type A socket), 1.5A
P-Tap Aux Power output (2-Pin), 3.0A
Stereo Analog Microphone input (3.5mm jack)
Stereo Headphone output (3.5mm jack)
AUTO BOOT ON POWER 2-position slider switch
AUDIO 24-bit, 48 KHz, uncompressed, unbalanced mic level
OPERATING TEMPERATURE 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
STORAGE TEMPERATURE –20°C to 50°C (–4°F to 122°F)
OPERATING HUMIDITY 0% to 85%, non-condensing
STORAGE HUMIDITY 0% to 85%, non-condensing
FIRMWARE REQUIREMENT Compatible with all DSMC2 firmware v6.2.17 or later.

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