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P+S-Zoom 35-70 CS T3.2 Anamorphic Zoom

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Finally an anamorphic lens for any camera with a PL or an EF lens mount.

The P+S Technik PS-Zoom 35-70mm CS front anamorphic design lens with a 1.5x anamorphic squeeze is well suited to the widely used 16:9 sensor ratio in digital cinema cameras and offers anamorphic qualities, such as barrel distortion, nicely formed flares and shallow depth of field.

It's the perfect choice if you desire the anamorphic look and want to maximize the whole use of the camera sensor, whether your camera is Full Frame (36 x 24mm) or Super35mm (16x9) format. 

The image circle of this lens at 35mm focal length is 37mm diagonal, while at 40mm, an impressive 43.5mm.

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  • CinemaScope for 16:9
  • 1.5X anamorphic squeeze
  • Anamorphic Front Lens Design
  • No breathing
  • Beautiful anamorphic effects
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #V0001
Rental Includes

35-70mm Anamorphic Zoom with front and rear caps, lens support foot, choice of EF or PL mount & case.

Lens Info
Close Focus46 inches
Weight6.5 lbs
Front Diameter114mm
Max Sensor Coverage37mm Diagonal
Lens MountPL
Canon EF
BrandP+S Technik
Length8.3 inches
FormatFull Frame
Super 35

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Lens test shot by Joe McNairy on an Arri AMIRA

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