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Prosup E-jib

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Here's a great jib even if you don't need to travel. The E-jib has a 33lb payload capacity & a 30-48" reach. The jib base & bowl are both 100mm and the kit includes a reducer for 75mm ball heads.

Incredibly, the E-jib packs into a case that's 38 x 16 x 7 and weighs only 39 lbs with the case. Uses standard bar bell weights.

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  • Reach - Adjustable from 30 to 48"
  • Capacities - Max. payload = 33 lbs
  • Weight of E-jib = 24 lbs
  • Case Dimensions - 38" x 16" x 7"
  • Weight with case = 39 lbs
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Rental Includes

E-jib with 100mm base & bowl, 75mm bowl adapter, Pelican case & appropriate barbell jib weights for your head & camera.

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