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Power Tap - IDX Quintuple Power Tap (P-Tap) V-Mount Sandwich Plate



Designed to be sandwiched between a V-Mount camera and battery or mounted on a V-Dock, this plate has five (5) D-Taps and allows you to power accessories such as onboard monitors, lights, wireless receivers, media recorders, signal converters, etc. Max draw from each D-Tap is 24W/2A (each D-Tap independently fused), and total Max draw is 120W/10A.

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Rent for $5.00/day
Rent for $5.00 per day


  • V-Mount (male) to V-Mount (female) adapter plate
  • Five D-Tap outputs (2A max each)
  • All D-Taps independently fused
  • Accepts and mounts to all V-Mount batteries and accessories
  • Precision design and high-grade components ensure secure locking and connectivity to all V-Mount batteries and accessories

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