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Portable Makeup Station



The Portable Makup Station was developed with Film, TV and Commercials in mind. The size was made as large as possible to still fit within shipping standards. The mirror gives the professional the extra space to see the client easily in the mirror even if the subject is a few feet away. In addition six, two-­‐foot long Kino Flo lamps at maximum output throw a flood of light on the subject without blinding the artist or subject. The dual switch lamp feature allows you to check your work in daylight balanced light and tungsten balanced light. Finally, wheels were added to make the station roll for extra convenience. The benefits of our Stations include: * Light and Compact (Stations can even fit inside a 4-door sedan if necessary) * Easy to store and ship * Less than one minute setup time * Lamps are cool to the touch * Light guaranteed to reach your subject even at 4ft


Rent for $35.00/day
Rent for $35.00 per day
Dimensions - 30 inches x 26 inches x 7 inches. Weight - 35 lbs. Power - 4 Amps for lights plus whatever you plug into the outlets.

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