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Panasonic VariCam LT

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The Panasonic VariCam LT, a compact, one-piece cinema camcorder that's lightweight and affordable. The LT has a compact and lightweight magnesium body and offers the same picture quality specifications as the larger VariCam 35 cinema camera. The super 35mm image sensor, which is the same imager as VariCam 35, features wide dynamic range, an expansive color gamut, and high sensitivity for 4K image acquisition. It has dual native ISO settings of 800 and 5000. The native 5000 ISO allows for clean shooting in very low light situations. Its size, weight and design facilitate a wide array of shooting styles including comfortable ergonomic shoulder mounted operation or stripped down for use on gimbals, Steadicams and drones. The VariCam LT workflow is very similar to that of the VariCam 35. Both cameras have a dual codec recording function that allows the user to record a primary or “main” codec as well as a smaller proxy file. In addition, each camera offers an in-camera color grading function and support for AVC-Intra 4K and Apple ProRes codecs.

• Utilizes the same Super 35mm 4K native sensor and imaging capabilities as the VariCam 35, but with significant reductions in size, weight and price.
• 14+ stops of dynamic range in V-Log, plus the renowned VariCam image quality and color science.
• Dual native 800/5000 ISO imager. With ISO5000, you see more detail than the human eye at low light levels (without adding noise).
• Image handling in multiple formats ranging from 4K, UHD, 2K, HD and HD ProRes, all fully capable of High Dynamic Range (HDR) capture.
• New Codecs: AVC-Intra2K-LT and AVC-Intra-LT for capturing frame rates up to 240fps.
• EF mount accommodates a wide choice of lenses for smaller cameras; can be switched out to a robust standard 35mm PL mount.
• expressP2 card slot recording for all formats including high frame rate and HD/2K/UHD and 4K recording; SD slot for high-resolution proxy recording as well as proxy files for offline edit/color grading.

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Power - 47w (body only).

Battery Run Time - Approx 90 minutes of 4K recording with a Dionic HC.

Firmware Notes - Now on Version 5, includes many more recording formats & WiFi remote control via an iPad app.

Product Info
Rental Includes

VariCam LT body with choice of EF or PL lens mount, A/B battery plate, top handle, detachable control panel, Panasonic EVF, VCT shoulder mount kit, 2-8" 15mm rails, hand grip, 1-256GB expressP2 card (approx. 90 minutes of 4K or 360 minutes of HD), expressP2 USB 3.0 reader, AJ-WM50 wireless module, manual & case.

Camera Info
Lens MountPL
Canon EF
Battery TypeGold Mount
Media TypeexpressP2

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