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Panasonic Battery - VW-VBG6 5400mAh Lithium Ion (for HMC40/150, AG-AC130/160, etc.)



Panasonic's VW-VBG6 is a battery designed to work with select Panasonic camcorders including the HMC40, HMC150, AC130 & AC160. Its lithium-ion technology is immune from "memory" effect; so you can fully recharge it any time you like and there's no need to wait for it to drain completely.


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  • 7.2V 5400mAh lithium ion battery
  • For select Panasonic Camcorders including:
    • AG-HMC40
    • AG-HMC150
    • AG-AC130
    • AG-AC160
  • Weight - 0.8 lbs

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