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Panasonic AJ-RC10G Remote (paintbox)



The AJ-RC10 is an advanced remote control unit designed for use with Panasonic's 300 Studio and P2 Studio camcorder systems. The AJ-RC10 offers enhanced controls of each system's base station, along with an extended range of up to 90 meters (295 feet) with optional cables. With its "one button per function" capability, the unit lets you see exactly which menus you're using without needing to access the camera's menu system. It also includes an SD card slot for saving scene files, as well as a Monitor Out for viewing.

For use with AG-HPX300, AG-HPX500, AJ-HDX900, AJ-HPX2000, AJ-HPX2700 VariCam, AJ-HPX3000, & AJ-HPX3700 VariCam as well as the DVCPro AJ-HDX900. It comes with a 10-pin, 10 meter (32 foot) remote control cable.

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Rent for $75.00/day
Rent for $75.00 per day
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AJ-RC10G paint box & 10 meter cable.

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