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P+S Technik PRO35 Adapter



The PRO35 Image Converter resolves the 35mm image from the lens onto a ground glass located at the position of the traditional film plane. The image is then optically frozen, down-scaled and transmitted to the camera‘s CCDs. You can use the converter relay lens‘ own iris or the camera’s iris to control the amount of light coming through the system without affecting the depth-of-field. This gives you new creative freedom, unknown before on digital cameras.

Get the three-dimensional quality of 35mm film by using an HD or SD video camera with the PRO35 Image Converter. Hundreds of lens choices, formerly restricted to the realm of 35 mm film, are now available for video productions.


Rent for $175.00/day
Rent for $175.00 per day
Lens Info
Weight4.85 lbs
Lens MountPL
BrandP+S Technik

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