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Nila Boxer



The Nila Boxer (Daylight) gives you the most flexibility and best performance for a full range of lighting applications. Most LED lights feature numerous small LED’s, the Nila Boxer LED Light features 25 large, powerful LED lenses that produce a focused, very narrow beam. This kit includes 6 Holographic lenses that allow you to spread that beam to best fit your needs. From punchy to soft these holographic film lenses allow you to dial in the perfect look every time.

The Boxer is the LED fixture you need to replace those hot and hungry 800 – 1,200W HMI’s and 1,200 – 2,000W Tungsten fixtures.  With a power draw of only 200W, flicker-free operation up to 5,000 fps (when the light is at 100% output it is flicker-free at any frame rate), and powerful output, the Boxer is an indispensable part of any lighting package.


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Rent for $150.00/day
Rent for $150.00 per day

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