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Mount Adapter - Redrock Micro LiveLens Canon EF to Micro 4/3



Red Rock Microsystems has released this adapter we first suggested to them a few years ago. Now you can electronically control the aperture of your EF series Canon lenses while they're on your Micro 4/3 mount cameras. Function - Allows adjustment of the lens aperture in 1/3 stop increments.

Limitations - 1. Aperture control only through the control pad, not any camera controls - 2. Will not power image stabilization if your lens has it. - 3. Long or heavy lenses will require additional lens support. Power - Powered by an external 9v battery (included) that will last about 20 hours. Weight - Including 9v battery - 7.3 oz.

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Rent for $20.00/day
Rent for $20.00 per day
Lens Info
Lens MountCanon EF
Micro 4/3
BrandRedrock Micro

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