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Mount Adapter - Metabones EF/MFT Speed Booster

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Mounted between a mirrorless camera and a SLR lens, Speed Booster® increases maximum aperture by 1 stop (hence its name), increases MTF and makes lens wider by a factor of 0.71x. Optics designed by Caldwell Photographic in the USA (patent pending).

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Rent for $25.00/day
Rent for $25.00 per day


  • Canon EF Full Frame Lens to Micro 4/3 Body
  • Supports In-Camera Aperture Control
  • 0.71x Micro 4/3 Crop Factor Compensation
  • 1-Stop Increase in Lens Apertures
  • 5 Optical Elements in 4 Groups
  • Locking Mechanism to Secure Lens
  • Push-Button Lens Release
  • Brass Mounting Rings
  • Detachable Tripod Foot
Lens Info
Weight0.4 lbs
Lens MountCanon EF
Micro 4/3
Lens SeriesSpeedbooster

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