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Mole 400w Studio Junior LED Daylite Fresnel



Built rugged, and based on over 70 years of successful Fresnel design, the MoleLED™ fixture is ideally suited for all set-lighting needs. Each fixture provides the equivalent output of their conventional quartz-halogen counterpart, and are available in Daylite or Tungsten color temperatures and with or without DMX control. Besides the obvious efficiency advantage, the MoleLED™ Fresnels contain a built-in universal power supply & built-in local dimming. Now there is no need for a separate external dimming system, nor is there a worry about specific voltage requirements from location to location. In addition, all fixtures share accessory sizes with the legacy Solarspots, so barn-doors, gel frames and speed rings remain compatible. LED Technology The MoleLED™ Fresnels are powered by a new, proprietary Mole-Richardson Co. Quantum Dot LED. Each Fresnel contains a Quantum Dot (QD) chip on board LED module. The benefit of QD LED technology is the ability to specifically tune the visible wavelength at the nano scale which, in this case, allows for precise adjustment of the red spectrum without impacting the overall light output of the LED. Like the remote phosphor technology developed for the MoleLED™ 12-Pack, the proprietary QD LED in the Fresnels provide Tungsten and Daylight white light that parallels the spectral sensitivity curves needed for image capture, and the all-important visible spectrum, or what the eye sees. This is one of the many benefits single color LED’s have over LED color mixing. This Patent Pending LED module represents the first time QD LED’s are being used in the film, television and broadcast industries.


Rent for $85.00/day
Rent for $85.00 per day
10" fresnel lens, 90-250 volts AC input, DMX & local dimming control, fixture weight 27.5 lbs.
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Rental IncludesHead, lightweight 4 way barndoor, 2 full double scrim, 1 half double scrim, 1/2 & 1/4 CTO hard gels, scrim bag & 25' cable with inline switch.

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