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Litepanels 1x1 LED Chimera Lightbank



The Chimera LED Lightbank delivers soft and beautiful light. Designed for use with the Litepanels 1x1, this LED lightbank serves as an apt way to get the most out of the LED lights, and still creates beautiful, diffused talent-friendly light. It uses the lens screens that are efficient and blends the LEDs into a single light source. The LED Lightbank is lightweight, easy to use, and long lasting.

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Rent for $20.00/day
Rent for $20.00 per day


  • Fits Litepanels Original 1 x 1' LED Panels
  • Removable Diffusion Screen
  • Speed Ring Included
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #1650
Rental Includes

Lightbank with mounting frame, support poles, & 30 degree front lens screen.

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