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LiteGear LiteRibbon VHO Pro 120-X1 Bi-Color Kit

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120-X1 Hybrid LiteRibbon(R) is high density, meaning there are 120 of their color-correct VHO Pro LED emitters per meter. It is single wide, X1, which means all the LEDs are assembled in one row on a 10mm (.39") wide flexible backing material.

VHO Pro Hybrid provides all the benefits of VHO Pro Tungsten and Daylite along with the range of Kelvin temperatures between 3200K and 6000K. This obvious advantage allows your LiteRibbon(R) kit to always provide the required white balance without the need for filters. When used with their LiteDimmer(TM) Hybrid, you get granular control of Kelvin temperature along with master brightness, and with its LOW mode, it is possible to achieve ultra precise low-light level control.

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Rent for $40.00/day
Rent for $40.00 per day
Product Info
Rental Includes1-4", 3-6", 2-12" & 2-18" X1 Hybrid LiteRibbon VHO Pro strips, 1-LiteDimmer Hybrid (8A), 1-12v Power Supply (4A), 1-AA battery pack, 1-12v car adapter, 1-9v battery adapter, 1-power splitter, 1-power extension, LiteRibbon extensions - 2-3', 1-6', & 1-12', instructions & case.

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