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LiteGear LiteMat 4 Hybrid Kit



The LiteMat 4 is based on four “tiled” light engines measuring 9.5 in. x 19 in. (240 mm x 480 mm). The head unit features 1152 genuine VHO Pro LEDs and is covered by a thin, clear polycarbonate layer and bordered entirely with Velcro® “loop” fastener. Mounting is provided with a removable, Kino Flo®-compatible, gimbal mount. The “soft-through-pixelization” method allows the LiteMat 4 to achieve surprisingly bright light levels while remaining under 1 in. thick and weighing just 5.7 lb. LiteMat Hybrid provides all the benefits of LiteMat Tungsten and Daylite along with the range of Kelvin temperatures between 3200K and 6000K. This obvious advantage allows your LiteMat to always provide the required white balance without the need for filters. When used with our LiteDimmer Hybrid, you get granular control of Kelvin temperature along with master brightness, and with its low mode, it is possible to achieve ultra precise low-light level control.


Rent for $95.00/day
Rent for $95.00 per day
Dimensions - 40 inches x 21 inches x 0.9 inches. Weight - 5.7lbs bare fixture. Power - 12v DC, 15.4 amps, 184 watts.
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Rental IncludesFixture with removable center mount, Polyskirt, Parasquare louver, 3 - grid cloth diffusers (full, 1/2 & 1/4), LiteDimmer Hybrid, LitePower AC power supply, 12' head extension cable, and kit bag.

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