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Leader LV5700 HDSDI Waveform Monitor

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The Leader LV 5700 is a Multi SDI Monitor for HD/SD-SDI signals with an XGA TFT color LCD in an adjustable tilt front panel. The monitor tests 14 HD-SDI and SD-SDI formats with total digital processing compliant to SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 292M and SMPTE 296M. Input format, colorimetry and tri-level or black burst external reference inputs are automatically detected.


Rent for $225.00/day
Rent for $225.00 per day


  • Monitors SMPTE-259M, SMPTE-292M, SMPTE-296M
  • Auto Detection of Input 20 HD-SDI and SD-SDI
  • Total Digital Signal Processing
  • Vector Magnification (x2, x5, and P-Mag)
  • Data Dump for Detailed Pixel Analysis
  • Adjustable Alarm Thresholds
  • 8-Channel Bargraphs
  • Ethernet for Remote Control and Error Logging
  • Full Digital Line Select
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #LV5700
Rental Includes

LV5700 with power cable & manual.

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