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Leader 5100 Component HD Waveform Monitor

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A four-channel waveform monitor, the 5100 monitors the three channels associated with component operations and adds the fourth channel for simultaneous composite observations. Waveforms may be observed in both overlaid and parade forms.

A vector display using electronic tolerance-limit targets shows chroma signal accuracy at a glance and channel selection is automatic when vector display is chosen. The timing display automatically inverts CH2 and 3 (pb and Pr) to be added to y in the 2H sweep mode to display either the bowtie or Leader's "shark fin " pattern for precise measurement of interchannel timing errors.

A four-page menu offers user-friendly setup to select the proper mode of operation. System selection sets sweep rates to operate with 525/60,625/50 or 1125/60 (HDTV) systems. Selection is made from the menu and automatic operation may also be selected in which the 5100 recognizes incoming signals and sets itself for proper operation.


Rent for $150.00/day
Rent for $150.00 per day


  • Four Channel Operation
  • 525/60, 625/50, 1125/60 Systems
  • Full Line Select
  • D Volts and D Time Cursors
  • Presets for Twelve Observation Setups
  • Component Vector Display
  • Betacam, MII, SMPTE, Y, Pb, Pr, and RGB
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Manufacturer Part #LV 5100
Rental Includes

LV 5100 with power cable & manual.

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