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Kish Optics Rear Mesmerizer



The Kish Rear Mesmerizer attaches to the rear of a zoom lens for anamorphic and special effect image distortion. The glass can be rotated while shooting for some really trippy in camera F/X too.


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  • Manufactured by Kish Optics
  • Anamorphic lens attachment mounts at the rear of zooms lenses for anamorphic/special effect image distortion
  • Lock-off or rotate in-shot
  • Designed forĀ use with classic zoom lenses like the Cooke 18-100mm, 20-100, or 25-250mm
  • Lens can be rotated manually or use a zoom motor on the attached gear for precise, motorized rotation
Lens Info
Lens MountPL
BrandKish Optics
FormatSuper 35

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