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Kino Flo Mega Single System- 8 ft

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The 8ft Mega Single portable lighting systems are reintroduced with a new ballast design. With new universal voltage from 100VAC-240VAC, the Mega Single ballast draws only 1.1A/120VAC (0.6A/230VAC), 50% less amps than the previous model. The 8ft and 6ft Mega Single systems can be seen most often as built-in set design lights for feature film, commercial production and music videos.

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Rent for $35.00/day
Rent for $35.00 per day

Mega Single Fixture features:

  • Built-in Barndoors
  • Removable Reflector, Louver and Lamp Harness
  • Slide-on Center Mount
  • True Match┬« daylight, tungsten

High Output Ballast features:

  • Universal input 100VAC-240VAC
  • Flicker-free, remote lamp control
  • HO/Standard switching
  • Instant-on, dead quiet
  • Remote operation┬á
Product Info
Rental Includes

Choice of Tubes, Fixture, Eggcrate, Reflector, Mount Plate, Ballast, & 25' Head to Ballast Cable

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