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Kino Flo Double System - 4ft with Quasar Science Crossfade 50w LED Lamps



Kino-Flo's Shells... Quasar Lamps.. The combination of Kino-Flo's tried and tested lamp mounting systems with QSR's Q-LED Linear Lamps were simply meant to be. No more lugging around ballasts or swapping lamps from kelvin to kelvin. Breath new life into your old Kino package with our high output, dimmer compatible LED lamps.

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Rent for $70.00/day
Rent for $70.00 per day
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Kino Flo 4ft Double fixture with mounting plate & louver, 2-50w Quasar Science Crossfade LED lamps, & Quasar Science Double harness with switched power cable.

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