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K-Tek Boom Pole Holder

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The K-Tek Boom Pole Cradle attaches to a 2-1/2" grip head on top of a C-stand with a stainless steel spud. This connects to a machined aluminum I-beam shaft supporting two swiveled pole cradles. Each of the two cradles cushions the pole on two polyurethane pads, each supporting the pole over 2 square inches, cushioning and supporting the pole over a length of 16 inches while holding it very rigidly. The pads also help isolate the pole from vibration conducted through the C-stand.


Rent for $5.00/day
Rent for $5.00 per day


  • Aluminum I-Beam Shaft 16 Inches in Length
  • Two Swivel Pole Cradles with Polyurethane Pads
  • Cushions & Supports
  • Helps Isolate Pole from Vibration
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Manufacturer Part #K-BC
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K-Tek K-BC Boom Pole Cradle

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