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Intervalometer/Wireless Remote for Canon DSLR - Hahnel Captur

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Endless possibilities with wireless control at a distances up to 300 feet, the Captur Timer Kit is perfect when you want to get more creative. Use the module & timer to create fantastic shots of starscapes, landscapes, seascapes & more. Time lapse photography makes landscapes, cloudscapes, slow growing plants & more come to life. You can take multiple photographs at intervals over a long period of time & edit into a moving sequence.

Alternatively, the system can function in wired mode, and this kit includes cables for connecting both the receiver and timer module to the camera. The module features single, continuous, and bulb exposure modes, allowing you to choose from a huge range of exposure times with the continuous and bulb settings. Its interval timer is fully programmable and offers two timing sequences, as well as selectable delay times.

The timer offers simple controls and a large, easy-to-read LCD screen for hassle-free operation. Pressing the shutter release button halfway will activate autofocus, while a full push will trigger the shutter.

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Rent for $10.00/day
Rent for $10.00 per day


  • Ideal for time-lapse photography
  • Time Lapse & Bulb Exposures
  • Single / Continuous / Bulb Modes
  • Two Timing Sequences
  • Connect to camera with connector cables supplied
  • DCM - Digital Channel Matching
  • AA Battery Powered
  • 300 Foot Range
  • Additional receivers available to fire multiple DSLR’s
  • Can be integrated with other Captur Modules
  • Larger easy to read LCD
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #1000 715.0
Rental Includes

Captur Timer Module, Captur Canon Receiver, Connecting Cables, 4 - AA Batteries & Instructions.

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