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Intel-A-Jib Pro Jib



The Intel-A-Jib Pro is a unique modular jib arm system manufactured using the latest techniques, processes and equipment. Among the many features that differentiate the Intel-A-Jib from the competition is the one-piece X-Box Extrusion modular beam. This design offers superior resistance to deflection and distortion of the arm during use.

The Intel-A-Jib sets up in less than two minutes without any tools because of the innovative V-Lock component connector system. The main arm is 6' long, but if you set it up with the included extension, the arm will reach to 10'. 

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  • Reach - Either 6' or 10' (with included arm extension)
  • Vertical Travel - 12'
  • Tripod Mount - Mitchell
  • Fluid Head Mount - Mitchell
  • Payload @ 6' - 120 lbs
  • Payload @ 10' - 80 lbs (92lbs with cable support kit installed)
  • Weight - 65 lbs. for jib only at the 10 length
  • Case Dimensions - #1 - 63" x 9" x 9" - 64lbs - #2 - 32" x 14" x 9" - 66lbs
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Jib arm with 6' or 10' reach & cases, 7-25lb, 2-10lb, 1-5lb, 1-2.5lb barbell jib weights, jib weight cart, & 10' cable support system.  Tripod base shown in photo not included.

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