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Humble Monkey Camera Truck



Designed around zero-drag 72mm in-line skate wheels and constructed of lightweight, durable acrylic, the Humble Monkey 360-T2 Camera Truck is as easy to operate as it is to carry. There's no heavy track to lug, lay and level, and no Steadicam to configure or balance. If you can set a conventional wristwatch, you can operate the 360-T2. Just mount a head and camera, place the camera truck onto a flat surface, and you're ready to roll. Easy to set up for straight or curved dolly shoots.


Rent for $40.00/day
Rent for $40.00 per day
Capacity - 45lb for the camera & fluid head
Product Info
Rental IncludesCamera Truck with 1" & 2" camera risers in a Pelican case.

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