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Gold Mount Battery - Anton/Bauer Hot Swap Battery Plate - Bebob



The AML-120 A/A Hot Swap Adapter from Bebob Engineering is compatible with any camera with an Anton/Bauer gold mount. We added it for our Arri Alexas, Amiras, Epics, & Red Ones.

It allows you to change batteries without interruption of the power to the camera. When the battery runs empty, the adapter takes over the powering of the camera for 2 minutes, at the same time giving a visual alarm. During the first 90 seconds the AML-120 A/A Alarm LED will flash red, the next 30 seconds the LED will display as a continuous solid red, and after 2 minutes the camera will switch off. Additionally, it has a 12 VDC D-Tap port that's protected by a 5A self-resetting circuit breaker.

After use the AML-120 A/A self-charges from the regular camera battery and will be fully charged within 40 minutes. With its self-charging system the adapter requires no further operator maintenance or interaction.

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Rent for $25.00/day
Rent for $25.00 per day


  • Adapter with gold mounts
  • 2-step empty battery-alarm
  • 20 Wh built-in power-buffer
  • Automatic switching by empty batteries to allow continuous powering of the camera
  • 12V D-Tap ports with self-resetting 5A fuse
  • To allow the Alarm LED to be visible in bright environments but not disturbingly over bright in darker environments, the AML-120 A/A features automatic brightness adjust

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