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Fisher Model 10



The J.L. Fisher Model 10 has long been considered the standard of the industry for studio & feature film production.


Rent for $295.00/day
Rent for $295.00 per day
Carrying Weight - 420 lbs. Maximum Level Head Height - 62.625" w/ Standard Level Head. Minimum Level Head Height - 13.75" w/ Standard Level Head - 3.125" w/ Low Level Head. Lift Beam Travel - 46.875". Capacity - 500 lbs. for the Lift Beam - 900 lbs. for the entire dolly. Dimensions - 55.5" x 26.5" x 25" (LxWxH).
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Rental Includes2-Seats, 2-Seat Offsets, Seat Riser, 2-Front Boards, Front Board Bridge, 2-High Side Boards, 2-Diving Boards, Beam Step, Battery Rack, Standard Level Head, Low Level Head, 6" & 12" Mitchell Risers, 90 Degree Plate, 10" & 24" Camera Offset, Geared Offset & Dolly Parts Cart.

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