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Fiilex Matrix Softbox with Grid



Dedicated to the Fiilex Matrix LED panel, this 36" x 48" Matrix Softbox softens and diffuses the Matrix's output for a more pleasing quality of light. The softbox has a silver interior that maintains a bright and neutral color output and an inner baffle and front screen can be removed or used to adjust the level of diffusion.

The included fabric grid tunnels the softbox's output forward and gives you directional control and folds flat for storage and transport. The softbox has a collapsible design for easy storage using the included travel bag, and built-in rods attach directly to the Matrix LED, alleviating the need for a speed ring.

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Rent for $17.50/day
Rent for $17.50 per day


  • Silver reflective interior, black fabric exterior
  • Inner and outer baffles, accepts optional Grid
  • Easy to attach - no speed ring required
  • Front Panel - 36" x 48"
  • Depth - 20"
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #FLXA066
Rental Includes

Fiilex Matrix Softbox with removable fabric grid, inner & outer baffle, built in poles, & storage bag.

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