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Fiilex K302 P360EX LED Lighting Kit

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The K302 3-Light P360EX LED Kit from Fiilex is built around the variable color, variable beam angle P360EX LED light. The kit includes three P360EX's for a combined total of approximately 1,200 tungsten equivalent watts, along with AC/DC power adapters and 4-way barndoors for each light. The kit also includes three 7' light stands, a 15x15" softbox with speedring and a carry-on friendly, molded, wheeled case with an auto-purge pressure system.

The P360EX 90W LED Light has a variable color temperature of 3,000-5,600K and a high CRI (Color Rendering Index) rating of > 92. The P360EX employs a 50 diode Dense Matrix LED array that could fit on a dime and renders a bright flicker-free output with variable beam angles of 29-64 degrees.

At only 1.6 lb with a 4" diameter form factor, the P360EX is an ideal location light that can be powered by the included 100-240VAC power adapter or by optional 12-28VDC batteries. Whatever way you power it, you'll appreciate the low power draw which translates to low running costs and long running times.


Rent for $105.00/day
Rent for $105.00 per day


  • Dimmable (10-100%)
  • Tunable color temperature: 3000-5600K
  • Full spectrum light quality without spikes
  • Single point dense matrix LED light source
  • Flicker-free at any frame rate
  • Cool to touch
  • Compatible with broadcast batteries
Product Info
Rental Includes

3 - P360 LED Light Heads, 3 - 4 Leaf Barndoors, 3 - Light Stands, 3 - AC Supplies with Stand Pouches & Power Cords, 1 - Soft Box with Inner Baffle, 1 - Speedring & 1 - Carrying Case

Case Dimensions - 24 inches x 16 inches x 10 inches

Weight - 37 lbs

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