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Fiilex K154 Q1000 LED Lighting Kit

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The K154 is a protective travel kit for the Q1000, a brilliant LED fresnel that produces an amazing 1500-2000W (depending on the accessories used) equivalent output while only using 340W. The Q1000 is color tunable between 2800-6500K, has Hue Control of ±.25 Magenta/Green, is flicker free at any frame rate, and can be fully dimmed with smooth transitions. It has an adjustable beam angle of 27°-50° with the included 5-Inch Fresnel lens. The Q1000 also features built-in DMX control with 5 pin & RJ45 connectors & an LCD display.

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Rent for $95.00/day
Rent for $95.00 per day


  • Variable Color Temperature: 2800 - 6500K
  • Built-In DMX512
  • AC or DC Operation
Product Info
Rental Includes1 - Q1000 fixture, 5" Fresnel lens, 4 way barndoor, dome diffuser (for use with softboxes), power adapter with stand mount, power cable & Pelican-style case.

Case Dimensions - 24 inches x 16 inches x 10 inches

Weight - 36 lbs

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