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Fiilex 15x15 Softbox Kit for P360 Lights



This Softbox with Speed Ring Kit from Fiilex is a 15 x 15" foldable and compact softbox for the P360 light. It quickly folds flat so it can be easily set up or folded down to fit in a pouch for transport.

The softbox uses an outer diffusion panel to evenly diffuse and soften your light source. Also included is an internal diffuser to minimize the possibility of hotspots. In addition, the recessed front face helps to control light spill. The included speed ring allows you to attach this softbox to the P360 light.


Rent for $10.00/day
Rent for $10.00 per day
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Fiilex 15" x 15" Softbox with speed ring for P360 lights & storage bag.

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