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Easyrig Cinema 3 Gimbal Support

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A new support system for use with hand held gimbal rigs like the DJI Ronin. A modified vest design with superior lower back support that allows the cameraman to carry weights further away from the body, plus a 9" extended arm to position the gimbal rig in front of the shooter.

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Rent for $105.00/day
Rent for $105.00 per day


  • Supports Handheld Motorized Gimbals
  • Reduces Strain on Arms, Neck & Shoulders
  • Gimbal Rig Vest
  • 9" Extended Support Arm
  • Carrying Case
  • Interchangeable Load Capacities
    • 17 - 24 lbs
    • 26 - 33 lbs
    • 33 - 44 lbs
Product Info
Rental IncludesEasyrig 3 gimbal vest/entended support arm setup for 26-33lb (Ronin with max. capacity), instruction manual & carry bag. Can be set up for 17-24lb or 33-44lb payloads too.

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