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Decimator-Quad 4 Channel Multi-Viewer



The Decimator QUAD 4 Channel Multi-Viewer provides you with an SD/HD/3G-SDI quad splitter or multiplexer. It features four auto detecting SDI inputs, and output SDI plus even a downconverted composite video signal. The unit allows you to select either NTSC or PAL Standard Def Output.

Each input is independent and features low latency buffering, which allows the device to display all four inputs on a monitor screen simultaneously, even when each input signal is a different format or frame rate. The output signal also supports displaying different aspect ratios on your monitor's SDI or composite input. A rotary encoder and push button selector allows you to navigate and select from the menu option without setting DIP switches or connecting to a computer.

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Rent for $15.00/day
Rent for $15.00 per day


  • Low cost miniature 3G/HD/SD-SDI 4 to 1 Quad Split or Down-converter with 4 to 1 input multiplexer
  • Your choice of either a NTSC or PAL output
  • 4 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs with auto detection (26 Formats supported in total)
  • All 4 inputs or a selected input displayed on a single Composite and SD-SDI output
  • Low latency buffering for each input allowing non-synchronous inputs
  • Each quadrant is independent of the others, allowing any 3G/HD/SD format of any frame rate to be displayed simultaneously
  • Variable aspect ratios per quadrant
  • Size is 3.7”x3.7”x0.9” or (94mmx94mmx23mm)
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Manufacturer Part #DD-DEC-QUAD
Rental Includes

Decimator-Quad with power supply, manual & case.

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