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Cinegears Record Trigger for RED EPIC or SCARLET (DSMC Cameras)



Provides remote record trigger capabilities for RED EPIC or SCARLET (DSMC) cameras when used with the Cinegears single axis systems like our Express+ kits. Can also be used as a stand alone record trigger, which could be handy when you're on a gimbal.

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Rent for $10.00/day
Rent for $10.00 per day


  • Effortlessly trigger your REC button
  • Trigger can be powered by D-Tab or USB cables
  • Housed in sturdy aluminum alloy, durability won't be a concern
  • Cable length = 34 inches
Product Info
Rental Includes

Record Trigger for EPIC/SCARLET (DSMC cameras), connector cable to motor, and P-Tab USB power cable.

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