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Chapman Super PEEWEE® III Plus Dolly

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The PeeWee is the camera dolly that revolutionized the ability to use a Hollywood style camera dolly on location back in the 1980's. The main features of the Super PEEWEE® III Plus are:

  • Improved universal level head
  • Built in Rotating Offset
  • Quick 4 height adjustable built in level head riser
  • Universal stop valve system for setting up & down limits

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Rent for $375.00/day
Rent for $375.00 per day


  • Carrying Weight - 295 lbs.
  • Maximum Level Head Height - 60.5" (Position 1 - 90 Degree Mode)
  • Minumum Level Head Height - 27.25" (Position 1 - 90 Degree Mode) or 4" (Low Bar w Lowest 4-Way Leveling Head)
  • Lift Beam Travel - 30.25"
  • Capacity - 250 lbs for the Lift Beam - 1100 lbs for the entire dolly
  • Dimensions - 34.5" x 20" x 16" (LxWxH)
Product Info
Rental Includes2-Seats, 2-12" Seat Risers, Standing Board, Front Board, Wide Side Board, Narrow Side Board, Low Side Board, XOX Low Plate, 6" & 12" Mitchell Risers, 24" Camera Offset, Tracking Bar, Universal Stop Valve, & Dolly Parts Cart.

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