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Cartoni JibO Compact Jib

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The portable 3 section Cartoni JibO is designed to be one of the most versatile and cost effective lightweight Jibs.  It can carry up to 44 lbs and fits into a Pelican-style case with wheels.

The JibO‘s innovative unique feature of the 3 easy mounting sections provides fast and easy operational flexibility and can be assembled or disassembled in less than 3 minutes.  This lightweight Jib weighs only 33 lbs and folds down to 47" in length and allows shooting from absolute ground level to 78" in height, with a maximum extension of 67.9”.

The rear part of the arm, which holds the counterweights, is extendable to provide for accurate camera balance; the typical counterweight kit is about 60 lbs of gym weights. The front telescopic arm permits the JibO to work in a wide variety of shooting positions or requirements, The fluid head supporting the camera can be positioned in several different positions as under-slung, side-ways, etc.

The JibO mounts on any 100mm bowl base tripod.

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Available for Purchase from CQ


Rent for $140.00/day
Rent for $140.00 per day


  • Supports 44 lb (camera & head)
  • Weighs 25 lb
  • 78" Range of Travel
  • 100mm Camera Mount & Tripod Mount
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #KJ102
Rental Includes

Jib arm with case, Libec T102 HD tripod with case, tripod dolly with case, 100mm to 75mm ball adapter, barbell weights appropriate to your camera & assembly instructions.

Capacity 20.00 kg 
44.1 lbs
Weight 15.0 kg 
33.1 lbs
Material Aluminium
Base 100 mm
Minimum extension 122.00 cm 
48.0 "
Maximum extension 172.00 cm 
67.7 "
Head Mounting 100 mm
Typical Counterweight 20.00 kg 
44.1 lbs

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