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Cartoni C-40 Dutch Head

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This special accessory has been conceived to add a 3rd axis to a standard Fluid Head and allow the lateral movement called "Dutch angle", enhancing special effects. The Cartoni C40 Dutch Head is designed to execute exceptionally smooth side-tilt effects, no matter what you're shooting. 

It features a patented fluid damping system with 7 precisely repeatable steps plus 0, assuring outstanding drag levels and extraordinary smoothness in both pan and tilt functions. The counterbalance system with its 8-position easy grip selector and frictionless sliding camera plate, allows the operator to fine tune the balancing of any camera and lens combination.

The Cartoni Dutch Head interface directly with the quick release plate on any camera support head featuring the European style quick release plate or can be attached by two 3/8x16" screws. A special telescopic orientable pan bar completes the equipment.

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Rent for $75.00/day
Rent for $75.00 per day


  • Counterbalance System with 7 Settings plus 0
  • 8-position easy grip selector with a sliding balance plate, allowing the operator to fine tune an extremely wide range of cameras weighing up to 100 lbs throughout a tilt range of -/+ 65 degrees
  • Tilt Drag Control with 3-fluid damping modules, which assure outstanding, drag levels and extraordinary smoothness in the tilt functions
  • Tilt movements can be dampened with 7 precisely repeatable steps of drag
  • Mounts directly on any similar quick release type heads
  • Built-in spirit level for easy horizontal leveling
  • Maximum load capacity of 100 lbs
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Cartoni C40 Dutch Head with quick release plate, 2 - 3/8-16 camera plate screws, telescoping/oreintable pan bar & case.

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